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Welcome to our website! I first became a member of the American Angus Association in 1987 and have personally witnessed tremendous improvement in the Angus breed. Angus cattle and Angus cross cattle are the foundation of our cattle industry. We have breeding stock available at all times. If we can be of further assistance or provide additional information, please contact us anytime.

—Ron T. Darrah

Tough Country and Not Much Groceries

We are located in South Central Missouri. We operate on close to 1,000 acres. It is beautiful country but the land is marginal and we are primarily fescue based. It seems everything here either wants to stick you or bite you. The country is hilly and rocky, and hard as concrete when it is dry. It really gets dry in the summer! Cattle must be efficient and tough to stay in the herd.

We don't creep feed. We do provide mineral, and grain our bulls and developing heifers a little. Some bulls are sent to bull tests and a group will usually come home for private treaty sale in the spring and in the fall.

In the winter our cows make their living on fescue grass and locally produced grass hay. This is all they will need to function and be hearty at your place. As a result, we don’t have to worry about them “melting” when you get them home.

You Get a Guarantee

The American Angus Association provides a "suggested sale terms and conditions" guideline we follow at minimum. We want to treat you like we want to be treated and we don't make up rules as we go so you won't have to worry about that sort of thing.

You Will Be Treated Right

My full intent is to make an annual profit in the cattle business We watch our cash position and financial statements daily because I have to make solid business decision just like you. I understand what you go through to cashflow and I appreciate it can be tough. Sometimes it feels like the old saying: “feast or famine.” We price our bulls fairly based on what they can provide and produce for you. We don't try to make all our money on a single transaction. We want you to be satisfied and to benefit and come back to buy again, and tell your neighbor and friends about us.

You Will Appreciate the Maternal Traits

In the 1990s, I watched some angus breeders chase carcass traits while sacrificing the traits associated with the wonderful angus “momma cow”. It was a huge mistake in my opinion. Good udder quality, femininity, structural soundness, fleshing ease, docility, longevity and fertility are what we seek. We try our best to put these genetic qualities in our bulls and cows to pass these quality genetics on to you.

If you click on each cow photo found under the tab, “Donor and Pathfinder Dams,” you may notice many of the cows have received the American Angus Association Pathfinder designation. This designation indicates repeat and timely conception, high weaning and yearling weight and all the good things we ALL like in wonderful, angus “momma cows.”

We try to improve on these traits each breeding and every time we purchase a new bull or cow. Artificial insemination and embryo transplant has really allowed us to continually improve quality. This ensures we can provide you quality each time you buy.

You Will Deal with Owner

If the truth be known, a lot of cattlemen don't enjoy dealing with board of directors, bankers and/or employees accountable to an absentee owner. Fortunately, we have none of those! It is just me, an occasional fence builder, an AI technician or the like to make sure things get done. What we shake on is what goes.

We don't have to get approval on anything from someone else and don't have a bunch of rules and regulations to follow.

You Will Get Accurate Information

The American Angus Association has developed EPDs based on parentage. These can help but we need to make sure the parentage is correct. We genomic test and DNA our registered calves. This way you know what you are buying and can rely on accurate information in making your decisions. It is difficult to make informed decisions without accurate information. We are 100% DNA and Genomic Tested Herd.

Some of our Pathfinder dams are shown with our donors on this website. You will notice a few of our older Pathfinder dams have low EPDs and $ values. This is primarily due to age as they certainly produce outstanding calves each year, breed back on time, and possess outstanding female characteristics. Don't sell them short because of EPDs.

So Make It Easy on Yourself

Call us or email us anytime. We would like to see if we have the perfect bull or cow addition to your herd. Our prices will be fair and we will treat you right. The way we would want to be treated... No need to drive a long distance nor need to sit all day through a sale. We will call the bulls into feed in a covered feeding barn, you can sort through and make your pick. Back your trailer off the asphalt highway and load out, night or day, rain or shine. So make it easy on yourself and contact us anytime.

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Ron T. Darrah